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Advanced Jurisprudence & Ethics

  • The profession of Dental Technology is committed to ethical business practices
  • This course explores the role of the College and addresses issues of ethics and jurisdictional practices that RDTs may encounter

Online Education Catalogue


Human Resource Management, Record Keeping & WHMIS: 10hrs

Information is at the centre of everything a business does. How an organization manages information and its corporate records affects its ability to respond to business opportunities, comply with standards and regulations, and recover from disasters. The Human Resource Management (HRM) and Record Keeping course explores the management of stakeholders, data and records within the context of the dental technology profession.


Areas covered within the course:



Human Recourse Management includes; recruiting the right people, keeping the right people, discipline and termination, organizational development, conflict management, and diversity within the workplace. These topics are explored within the legal concepts and framework within the context of the profession of dental technology in British Columbia and Ontario.



Record Keeping Guidelines summarizes how to manage information and records to be able to respond to business opportunities, recover from disaster and comply with standards and regulations. These guidelines complement the standards set by the RCDSO and the CDSBC.



WHMIS (workplace hazardous materials information system) is an approved course to obtain the certification that is mandatory Canada-wide. (download certification after passing test on completion)


Member Price: $199.00
Non-member Price: $399.00

Pressure Cooker Confidence: 1.5hrs

Roger is a seasoned actor and explores the techniques that performers use to excel in stressful situations. This session is designed to develop authenticity, confidence and engagement skills so that you can communicate effectively while under pressure.

Member Price: $0.00
Non-member Price: $79.00

Intro to e.max Press Technology

Presented by: ADTO and DTABC

The Intro to e.max Press Technology online course covers the fundamentals of the IPS e.max technique@@@MoreBegin@@@ including IPS e.max components for pressing (IPS e.max Press and IPS e.max ZirPress) and IPS e.max Ceram for the layering fabrication technique. Other topics covered in the course are:     

•Patient-dentist-laboratory communication and clinical protocols including indications, contraindications, preparation requirements, cementation and bonding requirements.
•Laboratory fabrication techniques.


Learning Objectives: 

1.  Wax up techniques for all-ceramic restorations

2.  Proper spruing, investing and burnout techniques

3.  Pressing all-ceramic restorations using the EP5000 and EP3000 press furnaces

4.  Preparing pressed materials for layering ceramics

5.  Utilizing the e.max ceramic materials to build pressed substructures to full contour

6.  Proper shading, glazing and finishing techniques


After completion of the online course it is recommended that participants attend the one day “Press Layering Workshop” offered at Ivoclar Vivadent.

Member Price: $149.00
Non-member Price: $249.00

Challenges of Digital Technology: “Moving into the digital age and how it all works together” 3.5hrs

In this course, Gary discusses evaluation and implementation of CADD/CAM into a dental laboratory.


Areas discussed within the course include:

  • Future Trends Affecting Dental Laboratories
  • Three levels of CAD/CAM Integration
  • Case Studies of Off Shore Dental laboratories
  • Introduction of CAD/CAM Systems
  • Introduction of Prototyping
  • How to Get Dentists to Use Digital Impressions
  • Digital Trends Laboratory Owners Need to Know
  • Making Sure of Planning, Planning, Planning
  • Evaluating CAD/CAM Materials
  • Evaluating Unit Production Cost of CAD/CAM
Member Price: $79.00
Non-member Price: $129.00

Advanced Jurisprudence and Ethics

Presented by: Voice over

This course explores the role of the College and addresses issues of ethics and jurisdictional practices that RDTs may encounter.

Member Price: $385.00
Non-member Price: $450.00

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